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Integrity Audits

integrity audits.jpgEnsure that your customers are receiving the highest level of service and that your staff are motivated, committed and satisfied  

Quality Assurance

Having an unbiased, third-party audit of your community’s customer service or sales engagements is one of the most beneficial steps you can take to ensure potential, and new and existing clients are receiving the best services possible. Involve provides “mystery shops” conducted by industry experts to analyze customer experience at any level of service. Through this feedback, we are able to provide your company with a detailed report of strengths and opportunities for growth. With these professional recommendations, a plan of action can be formed and customized coaching or training can be planned if necessary.

Satisfaction Surveys

Involve can conduct both internal and external satisfaction surveys. External surveys are helpful tools that can be used to collect feedback and suggestions from existing residents and families, touring families or your identified target market. This information can be used to identify ways in which operations, sales, customer service or marketing can be improved to better serve your customers and community. Internal surveys include employee surveys that are conducted pre-training and post-training to gauge your staff’s satisfaction and to capture any outstanding concerns they may have following training or coaching sessions.

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